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Biotech Skincare Products

RUZI is dedicated to biotechnology for skincare. Led by the concept of  “rejuvenation through biotech and scientific skincare approach”, RUZI “only chooses the right ingredients” without any irritant and harmful additives to truly save the skin from various problems. RUZI skincare products are rich in nicotinamide, oligopeptide, sodium hyaluronate, bio-gum-1, natural squalane and other high-activity components, which can deeply and instantly penetrate the skin, promoting the regeneration of aging cell to revive the skin, and creating a miracle of skin rejuvenation. 

There are four star-products for RUZI biotech skincare products, including RUZI amino-acid cleansing foam, RUZI nicotinamide moisturizing facial mask, RUZI fair-skin repairing cream and RUZI repairing facial mask.