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HOPE LIFE is a global leader in the innovation and application of biotechnology, focusing on biomedical technology R&D and product incubation while adhering to the mission of "with the greatness of technology, construct the beauty of life". Through technological R&D and platform sharing with Stanford University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other global scientific research institutions, HOPE LIFE has established extensive cooperation with experts such as Nobel Prize winners and academicians of the European Academy of Sciences in the biotechnology-centered R&D and transformation of drugs to treat cancers, diabetes, osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases and premature ovarian failure, etc., and such cooperation is also extended to the fields of organ function restoration and body rejuvenation. We are committed to promoting the exchange and progress of cutting-edge technologies in life sciences, so as to bring profound changes to the biotechnology industry.

HOPE LIFE is headquartered in Houhai Central District, High-tech Industrial Park, Shenzhen. It has built a situational biological laboratory according to GMP standards and the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system certification. The laboratory of HOPE LIFE features three systems: development, production and quality inspection. Besides, it adopts digital detection and twin-track certification system to ensure the safety of products at all links. Through its multidimensional and 3D situational biological laboratory and the hall of immersive bioscience experience, HOPE LIFE can showcase the achievements of frontier life sciences in a more vivid and intuitive way.

HOPE LIFE owns 19 patents of invention technology, 27 patents under declaration and 20 patents under writing.

ISO9001 quality management system certification
Situational biological laboratory built in line with GMP standards
19 patents of invention technology
27 patents under declaration
20 patents under writing
Corporate Culture


A global pioneer in the innovation and application of biotechnology


With the greatness of technology, construct the beauty of life

Core values:

With a commitment to excellence, stand out as a pioneer to lead the times; 

devoted to scientific rigor, prioritize quality and details; 

and pursue innovation and high efficiency with technology as the core.

Milestones of HOPE LIFE
In 2011, the company was set up.
In 2013, it cooperated with ASC (an American company) to carry out the project of gene editing for the treatment of β-thalassemia;
In 2016, HOPE LIFE was formally established and had its biological laboratory built in line with the GMP standards of pharmaceutical grade;
In 2017, Guangdong Science and Technology Association awarded HOPE LIFE as an "Enterprise Workstation of Academician Experts in Guangdong";
In 2017, HOPE LIFE became a council member of Taihu World Cultural Forum.
In 2018, HOPE LIFE and VAXON BioTech (a French company) reached a long-term strategic cooperation in the R&D and application of targeted therapies for cancers.
In 2018, HOPE LIFE became the one and only biotech company cooperated with the Experience Center of Qihuang Traditional Chinese Medicine for Foreign Dignitaries in the Taihu World Cultural Forum;
In April 2018, HOPE LIFE joined hands with the team of Academician Ji Weizhi in Sino-sci Testing Tech of Primate Biomedical Research for the R&D and application of stem cell intervention treatment of knee arthritis.
In April 2018, HOPE LIFE established the Happy Angel Charity Foundation to help more poor children re-embark on the road of hope and health by providing aids to more individuals and families with cutting-edge biotechnology;
In July 2018, RUZI Skin Rejuvenation products were officially launched;
In September 2018, HOPE LIFE obtained the "Quality Management System Certification", with its quality management system being in line with "GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015". The certification covered its projects of "R&D of adult stem cells and immune cells with technological services" and "medical cosmetology (first-class project of cosmetic surgery)";
In October 2018, the project of "HOPE LIFE Nobel Laboratory" was launched;
In 2018, HOPE LIFE established an expert team jointly with Thomas C. Südhof (winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine), Julius Rebek (academician of European Academy of Sciences), and Gursaran Prashad Talwar (academician of Indian National Academy of Sciences).
In October 2018, HOPE LIFE initiated and hosted the "2018 Shenzhen International Biomedical Academician Forum and HOPE LIFE Cell Technology Summit";
In October 2018, HOPE LIFE was certificated as a national high-tech enterprise;
In December 2018, HOPE LIFE was certificated as a high-tech enterprise of Shenzhen;
In February 2019, HOPE LIFE cooperated with Peking University Shenzhen Hospital to carry out the project for clinical research of β-thalassemia;
In July 2019, Ms. Shen Jie (the founder of HOPE LIFE), together with her caring staff, went to Urumqi to participate in the public welfare activity of "Mother’s Smile Campaign" in Xinjiang;
In October 2019, HOPE LIFE hosted the "2019 Charity Night of Mother’s Smile Campaign in Shenzhen
In October 2019, HOPE LIFE hosted the "2nd Global Summit Forum of HOPE LIFE for Nobel Prize Laureates and Academicians in 2019";
In November 2019, HOPE LIFE cooperated with Shenzhen Second People's Hospital to carry out the project of stem cell intervention for the treatment of knee arthritis;
In January 2020, HOPE LIFE and Hangzhou Jinghua Women and Children Hospital reached a strategic cooperation;
In May 2020, HOPE LIFE signed an agreement of strategic cooperation with the National Center for Clinical Medical Research of Infectious Diseases and Shenzhen Third People's Hospital. The three parties have reached a long-term strategic partnership in the basic research and clinical transformation of biotechnology as well as the field of general health with a shared vision of complementary advantages and resource sharing.
In February 2021, HOPE LIFE invested in the research and development of REALITY Company in Hong Kong to treat type 2 diabetes with recombinant human glucokinase; and breakthrough has been made in tumor immunotherapy with T1912 gene therapy.